Next Steps for Groups - West Ridge Church

Step One

The life of a follower of Jesus Christ is a journey. It is a process that lasts throughout your whole life. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, God has a plan for your next step! Step One begins with understanding why He created you in the first place.

Step Two

In Step Two, we’ll walk through the essentials for developing a life that’s fully devoted to following Jesus Christ.

Whether you’ve been following Jesus for decades, or you’ve recently committed your life to Christ, Next Steps will help you discover what’s next in your walk with Jesus. How we’re going to accomplish that is by helping you create a Spiritual Growth Plan, in other words, a step-by-step guide to how you’ll take the next few steps in your faith over this next season.

Step Three

In Step Three, we are going to guide you through discovering who God made you to be. We believe that once you understand who God made you to be, then you’ll understand what God made you to do. Our hope is for you to understand God’s call for you to lead others and be disciple makers right where you live, work, and play.

Step Four

No matter where you are in your faith, everyone has a next step they can take to grow as a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

Through Step Four, you’ll identify those next steps by creating your own spiritual growth plan. This plan will focus on your personal goals in four areas: Loving God, Growing in faith, Serving others, and Sharing Jesus.

These four areas are not just West Ridge ideas, with things we want from you. These are four core characteristics of a follower of Jesus, that God wants for you as you grow in your faith. All of these things are continually happening in the life of a disciple, and each are areas of continuing growth.