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Care Groups

Everyone has areas in their lives that cause them pain or keep them from moving forward in a truly healthy way. As Christ-followers, we can choose to deal with these areas and apply God’s truth to our lives for healing. That’s what Care Groups are all about. These groups provide a supportive and intentional setting for people to share their struggles in a safe way and to move forward in freedom.

Available Care Groups:

Additional Resources:


Counseling + Addiction Recovery

West Ridge maintains a broad network of professional counseling resources. If you aren’t sure about what your needs are or how to proceed in getting appropriate counseling, we are happy to help you assess your situation and to find a professional who can come alongside you. Email us to set up a meeting with our Pastor of Care.



Crisis Care


Death & Funerals

If you have experienced the loss of a family member, email our Care Team.


Trained, caring members of our ministry team are available to visit for prayer and encouragement. If you or someone you know is hospitalized, email our Care Team.

After Hours Emergencies

If you have an immediate need after hours that requires a pastor’s attention, please dial 770-222-2125 to reach the minister on call.


Weddings + Marriage Prep

If you’re thinking about getting married, we want to come alongside you as you prepare for this life-long commitment and help give you the best possible start. Please email our team for assistance.