Church Planting - West Ridge Church

Everyone deserves an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel in their community.

God has called West Ridge to do that in our community, and we also believe in helping other churches launch and thrive in new communities. Since 2002, our church has been a partner in planting over 160 churches throughout the United States, along with hundreds more internationally (including sending nearly 1,000 people to launch those churches).

This vision came through a season of prayer and asking God what he would have us do in order to reach more people. Watch this clip of our Senior Pastor, Brian Bloye, to hear how our commitment to church planting began.




How the generosity of West Ridge is playing a role in reaching our community, country and world.

Moving to a new community?

Our community is a transient one, so people in our community often move away due to a life change. If you’re moving soon, we'd love to connect you to a local body in your next community, reach out to our Church Multiplication Team