Help Center - West Ridge Church


Today at West Ridge – August 14th

Meetings around the Building

  • 9am: Married Groups Coach and Leader Huddle – Discovery A
  • 9am: Welcome to Revolution – Modular 303A
  • 10:30am: Women’s Group Leader Meeting – Modular 303B
  • 11am: Scotland Team Meeting #1 – Modular 401A
  • 11am: Next Steps – Step 2 – Modular 402

Group Launch – For Any Group (Married, Women’s, Men’s, Single, etc.)

  • Sunday August 21st – 3:30pm – Worship Center
  • Childcare Available

Monthly Gathering

  • Women’s Gathering: Every Second Thursday – next one is on September 8th – 7pm – Atrium   – This Thursday
  • Men’s Gathering: Every Second Saturday – next one is August 13th- 7:30am – Atrium  – This Saturday
  • Young Adult Gathering: Every Third Thursday – Next one is August 18th- 7pm – Student Theater 
  • Women’s Gathering: Every Second Thursday – next one is on September 8th – 7pm – Atrium   – This Thursday
  • Prayer Gathering: Every First Monday – Next One is September 12th – 7pm – Worship Center   – (This one is 2nd Monday)

Medical Emergency

  • As a reminder if there is an emergency push 1 and send on the pager unit in the Connections Office, if there are no pagers missing that means we don’t have anyone serving at that hour today so let the officers know of the emergency and text Christie: 770.330.9150

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Next Steps
    • Next Steps is now back to meeting in person in Modular 402
    • Next Class Beginning – TODAY


  • If someone comes to the help center for prayer and it is after a service there should be a prayer team member standing near the Help Center ready. They have been instructed to let you know they are there and available for anyone asking for prayer. They will also have a prayer team lanyard on.
  • If you are unable to find someone from that team then reach out to John/JP (Pastor of Care).  He is very accessible! If that doesn’t work our Minister on Call this week is Todd Hampton.
  • If you are at a dead end after all that please reach out to Christie.

Serving at the Help Center Today:

  • 9am: Wendi, David, Brittany
  • 11am: Tiffany
  • 12:45pm: ???

Upcoming Baptism Dates:

  • September 4th
  • October 2nd
  • November 13th