SURGE 2020 Update - West Ridge Church

A Letter From Pastor Brent and the West Ridge Kids Team

Hey to all you awesome people interested in SURGE camp,

We wanted to give you an update on where we are with SURGE. We have been watching COVID-19 very closely. We have been praying and trying to make decisions with faith in a great God but also making the health of our kids and community a very high priority. Our Kids Ministry Staff has been in communication with school officials, and community leaders to make decisions as best we can with information available to us.

As you all may know, there are so many pieces to SURGE that must line up for this camp to happen. There are logistics linked to registration, security, background checks, and more that are not able to happen during this time of social distance. Because SURGE gathers three thousand people a night, we are also dependent on our terrific partnership with the school system. As they prepare for a new year, availability is not the same in July for the facility or fields as it was on our previously secured dates.

After much deliberation and prayer, unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel SURGE camp this year.

While our hearts are saddened because SURGE is genuinely one of our favorite weeks of the year, we are also at peace that God is in control and that He is guiding us. We are hopeful and even excited to see how He will use this pause for His glory and His greater good!

We have never had to do this before in the history of SURGE, and pray we never have to do this again. We are so sad for our kids, volunteers, parents, and staff that make SURGE happen.

However, as sad as this decision makes us, we are going to try and plan a Family Experience in late July. This Family Experience won’t replace SURGE but would give us a chance (whether virtually or in-person) to get together and celebrate our amazing and BIG God. Stay tuned for further information on this event.

We miss you and your kids tremendously. We are committed to continuing to pray for you and support your family any way we can in this season and all the seasons to come.

Remember, we are creating a “West Ridge Kids ONLINE Family Service” each week and putting it up on our YouTube Channel each Sunday at 9 am –

We love you all, and we are praying we can see you very soon!

Pastor Brent and the West Ridge Kids TeamĀ