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In early times, Scotland was boldly starting movements, impacting the world and shaping the future of Christianity. Many even lost their lives defending their faith. There has been a great spiritual decline over the years and today, it is believed that less than 1% of the population of Scotland are Evangelical Christians.

We partnered with Herald’s Trust, a ministry in the area, to plant a church outside of Edinburgh and to bring teams to help spread the gospel; telling others about the hope that is only found in knowing Jesus. We are praying for a revival in Scotland and that God will use the people of West Ridge Church to help bring it to the area.

The main purpose of our trips to Scotland will be evangelical. We will train our team members on how to share their faith with others with confidence and grace. We will serve in the high school where the new church plant meets. We typically host a “street café” where we serve coffee and hot chocolate in the park to draw folks to the table and engage them in conversation about the life-changing power of the Gospel. If you have a heart for sharing your faith with others, this trip is for you!

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