Lent Reading Plan - West Ridge Church

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Traditionally, the season of Lent marks the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. It is a tremendous opportunity to focus more intently on Jesus as we prepare to celebrate the most important event in history, the resurrection of Christ.

Many people take the opportunity to give something up as a fast during this time as a way of honoring the sacrifice that Jesus has made for each of us. Some will give up chocolate, sweet tea, a favorite TV show, social media, or something else that will act as a daily reminder of the Cross of Christ. Throughout history Sunday is the day where you can allow yourseIf to break the fast for the day, and join with others in corporate worship.

If you choose to fast be sure and replace that thing with prayer and God’s Word so that the Holy Spirit can have even greater access to your life.

We want to encourage everyone who is a part of the Family of God at West Ridge Church to carve out just a few minutes of time to give God more room to work in your life during this season.

These short daily readings and prayer emphasis will guide you in doing just that, and will allow us to move in unity as we sharpen our lives to reflect the truth of Easter every day; HE IS RISEN!

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