Ministry Internship and Residency  - West Ridge Church

The Ministry Internship and Residency Program exits to identify, raise up, equip and empower the next generation of ministry leaders, pastors, missionaries, and world changers. We want to give leaders the opportunity to explore a calling to ministry as a career in a real life church content, and then provide opportunities for experience, skill development and education.



Who is the Internship Program For?

The summer internship program is ideal for for anyone 18+ years old, has completed high school and has had an initial level of ministry experience. The program will consist of 10 weeks of development beginning in June 2024 through mid August. Participants will engage with ministries and the internship team for an average of 15-20 hr per week to gain real life experience in order to evaluate ministry as a career path.

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Internship Areas for Summer 2024


Interns will work with our Kids Ministry staff in planning, developing and leading in all aspects of our Pre-K & Elementary areas to further the mission and vision through Sunday morning program, events like SURGE Camp, our Kids YouTube Channel and other key ministry opportunities.


Interns will gain a wide range of experience in student ministry, including planning services and events, helping develop a ministry calendar, creative series planning, recruiting leaders for ministry, cultivating relationships with students, and preparing a message.


Interns will assist our Adult Groups team and learn the why and how we do groups at West Ridge. They will learn how to onboard and train leaders, help with monthly gatherings, and prepare for events like Group Launch.


Interns will learn essential skills in leading a worship team, including a church gathering, and behind the scenes training/planning. These trainings include spiritual disciplines, set list planning, service programming and essential software training (Abelton, Mainstage and Logic Pro).


Interns will be involved in the training and application in all aspects of audio tech, monitor and front of house mixing, and lighting systems.

Global Missions

Interns will serve alongside our global missions team to assist with planning and executing trip details, create content for global missions trips, recruit team members, and gain leadership skills while working in our World Cafe.

Local Outreach

Interns will serve alongside our local outreach team to assist with outreach projects/events, network with local partners and churches, assist with our special needs ministry and have a hands on experience with serving our local community.

Guest Services and Assimilation

Interns will serve alongside our guest services and assimilation staff team where they will learn and experience everything from building and leading a team, to being part of the Sunday experience. They will learn how to recruit new team members, onboard them and get them to fully serving. They will understand what it means to walk with someone from the moment they are with us until they are fully connected. They will be involved in team meetings and the beginning stages of planning our team West Ridge event. They will get to walk out every part of what it means to be the team that makes a way for people to experience Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to apply for the internship?

The summer internship program is available to anyone who is 18+ , has graduated from high school and has had an initial level of ministry experience.

Is the summer internship paid?

Yes! Summer interns will be paid $12 per hour. The average work week is between 15-20 hrs per week.

Is there housing for interns?

No, our internship program is not providing housing for Summer 2024.

Can this internship be remote?

Our internship program is entirely in person. We value the experience that happens when you’re in proximity to our staff and what’s happening in our church!

Is the internship only available to those that attend West Ridge?

Nope! Our program is open to anyone who has an interest in exploring an interest in ministry.

Do I have to bring my own work technology?

Nope! We will provide you with a laptop and the equipment needed to support your internship experience! The only thing you need to have available to you is your own phone.


Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to our internship team at to answer any additional questions.