Communication & Video Requests - West Ridge Church

Monthly Update Form

Let us know what you have coming up in your ministry along with praises of how you saw God work in your ministry the previous month! This form is submitted once a month in place of your Elders Report and should be filled out by Pastor/Directors.

Before filling out this form, please check the Church-Wide Events Calendar to be sure that all your upcoming events are on our radar. If anything is missing, you'll be able to add it to this form.

If you would like to schedule a check-in meeting with the Communications Team, please do so at

Ministry & Event Promotion Request Form

** Please note: Most Ministry & Event Promotions should be submitted through the monthly update form. Please use this form sparingly as a backup for occasionally overlooked events/promotions.

If you need promotion for your ministry or an event that is not yet on the Church-Wide Event Calendar, please let us know with the following form. Upon receipt of your request, our team will make an assessment of what forms of communication would best apply to your need and when it best fits into the communication calendar.

Video Request

Have a story that would be best shared via video? Use this form to request support from our video team.

Deadline: 6 Weeks prior to need by date

Design & Print Request

For graphic design and print needs for upcoming events or promotions, this form will walk you through all of your available options.

• Design + Print - 6 weeks
• Design Only - 4 weeks
• Reprint an Existing File - 3 weeks

Website Update

Deadline: 2 Weeks prior to need by date

Share Your Story

We're always on the look out for stories of how God is moving at West Ridge so that we can encourage our church body with them! If you or someone in your ministry has a story of life-change that they'd like to share, please fill out the following form and we will be in touch with you on how we can best share your story with the church!

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