Refine Us Marriage Event - West Ridge Church
Justin & Trisha Davis are the founders of Refine Us Ministries, which is igniting a movement in the church to build healthy marriages and families. They know all too well the dangers of settling for an ordinary marriage. Their own failure to recognize the warning signs almost resulted in the end of their marriage, their family and their ministry.


In their book, released in January 2013, “Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough” with disarming transparency, they’ve given people a glimpse into the slow fade that eventually led to the near destruction of everything they held dear. Refine Us Marriage Conference will be all about Renewing Relationships and Restoring Hope. Justin and Trisha will dive into their story and give couples very tangible ways to obtain the extraordinary marriage that they hoped for from the very beginning.


What attendees get out of the event:

  • A two-day event that helps couples invest in their marriage
  • Gives a couple the tools to have conversations about:
    • Sexual intimacy
    • Forgiveness
    • Working together as a team
    • Discovering God’s vision for your marriage

*Registration Is Now Closed*