Pray For Our Schools: Prayer Gathering - West Ridge Church

Saturday, July 29 • 10:00 am •  Meet at the Flagpole of the Paulding School of Your Choice

Meet up at the flag pole of the Paulding School of your choice at 10 am to walk around the school and pray for our teachers, administration, students, the upcoming school year, and families in the community.


Volunteer as a Prayer Leader:

For each school, we are looking for a designated leader to greet the prayer walkers, staff, and community that show up at the flag pole to pray.

We are asking leaders to be at the flag pole of your school at 10am on July 29th. Just bring your smiling face and a yard sign that we will provide for you, with a QR code for prayer requests. Your role is so important as you will be the point person for prayer walkers to go to if they have any questions. In order to make sure that each school has a leader, please click on the link below and select the school you’d like to lead at.


Sign Up As A School Leader