Emotional Health Lab: Tools and Strategies for Stress and Anxiety - West Ridge Church

February 26th6:30pm

Join us for a mental health discussion on ‘Emotional Health: Tools and Strategies for Stress and Anxiety’ on Monday, February 26th at 6:30 p.m. A panel of licensed mental health professionals from Atlanta Wellness Collective and West Ridge Pastoral staff will share practical and effective approaches to managing stress and anxiety in your daily life. In addition, the panel will address tools for parents or individuals looking to support their child, spouse, or family members who experience anxiety. Discover valuable tools and strategies to enhance your emotional well-being, rooted in both faith and psychological expertise. The panel discussion will be a unique opportunity to prioritize your mental health in a supportive community setting. Don’t miss out on this transformative evening as our guest speakers share personal and professional experiences, tools, and resources to help equip and encourage you and your family.