Child Dedication - West Ridge Church

Child Dedication at West Ridge is designed to give families an opportunity to publicly commit to raising their child in a biblical manner!

West Ridge Church wants to be a strong source of support for parents in raising their children to understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God. We recognize that a child’s home environment has more influence in his or her life than what goes on at church. That’s why we value the opportunity to partner with parents as they provide their child with a spiritual foundation. In our Pre-School Ministry, one way that we do this is by facilitating Child Dedication.


Child Dedication is a celebration offered several times a year at West Ridge Church. It is a time for parents as they to publicly commit to raise their child according to God’s Word. Participants are encouraged to invite extended family and friends.

The focus is to encourage new parents in their parenting journey and to give valuable information on how West Ridge Church hopes to partner with you. What does it mean to dedicate your children and family to the Lord? What can parents do today that will have a lasting impact on the future of their children? Learn this and more at Child Dedication!

Registration is not currently open for our July Dedication. Click below to join our waitlist for our upcoming child dedication dates. 

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