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Parenting is complicated. It can be helpful for you and your spouse to better understand your parenting styles and find common ground.

Prepare/Enrich offers a parenting assessment to provide insight into the following areas:

  • Strength and growth areas as a couple
  • Couple communication (how couples feel about the quality and quantity of communication in their relationship)
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Personality dynamics
  • Parenting stress (each individual’s personal stress level over the last year)
  • Step parenting (issues related to having and raising children in a stepfamily)
  • Confidence in parenting (how sure one feels about their abilities as a parent)
  • Parenting styles and how your style varies from child to child
  • Family communication (how each parent feels about the quality and quantity of communication in their family)

If you and your spouse would like to take the assessment fill out this form. The cost is $35 per couple. You will receive a customized report (see sample report) and a workbook to work on together as a couple. If you choose not to take the assessment you can still download the workbook free by clicking here.

Sample Report Sample Parenting Workbook