40 Days of Prayer - Day 22 - West Ridge Church
Saturday, March 30th, Day 22
Author: Trey Abney
Church: Refuge West

Text: Mark 10:46-52

Jesus understood the power of a simple question. Jesus asked 307 questions in the Gospels. Jesus was asked 183 questions in these same Gospels, but depending on your interpretation, he gave only 3 answers.


Questions have power. God will ask us what seems to be very obvious questions. Like asking a blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus knows we need to name our desires, because our beliefs attitudes and actions have to be challenged. Our beliefs, attitudes, and actions need to be transformed for God to release and fulfill the desires of our heart.

We are not told if Bartimaeus was born blind or became blind.

However, it is easy to assume that his life was difficult and consisted of a daily routine: wake up, be led to a place outside the city, beg, repeat. This was the pattern day after day after day. Bartimaeus’ life seems very limited. He did not have many options. I am sure he lived a hopeless existence.

Many of us, though we are not blind, feel trapped in a hopeless routine. Trapped in a life that seems small and insignificant. Trapped by feelings that there should be more to life and God has designed more for me than my current life situation. It was an ordinary day for Bartimaeus, just like it’s an ordinary day for you and me. Today holds the potential of having the predictable rhythm of our ordinary lives interrupted and changed. Most likely the miraculous interruptions won’t happen the way most of us think they should. God’s interruptions rarely do!

God is working behind the scenes of our lives orchestrating His destiny for us. Even though we maybe clueless, haven’t heard God call our name, or tell us specifically what to do with our lives does not mean that He’s not orchestrating great things for us. As we are living our everyday, ordinary lives, Jesus will come passing by. This Jesus-encounter can change everything, if we discern it!

Are we aware of Jesus’s presence in our daily lives?
How do we respond?
Are we willing to overcome any obstacle to get Jesus’s attention?


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