21 Days Of Prayer | Day 9 - West Ridge Church

Prayer Guide: Day 9

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. — Colossians 3:2

Have you noticed how everything seems to be fighting for our attention these days? 24-hour news cycles are constantly racing to bring us breaking news, and our phones are constantly buzzing and beeping as social media continues to lure us into engaging, posting, and retweeting, hoping for the likes and comments that seem so prized. We have minds filled with noise as we think about our to-do list for the day, the argument we had with our spouse, or whether the situation at work will resolve itself. As a result, we often live hectic lives with restless hearts and cluttered minds.

In the Gospels, the busier and more in demand Jesus became, the more he withdrew to be in his Father’s company in silence and solitude. It was woven into the fabric of his daily life. Pastor Todd Hampton shared in his message last Sunday, “Many of the great works that Jesus did were preceded by his time in silence and solitude. For Jesus, this wasn’t a one-time thing or a random occurrence. It was a part of his normal rhythm so that he could draw near to the heart of His Father.”

Like Jesus, when we draw near to God, we are defending our hearts and minds from the noise of the world that can make us deaf to the voice of God. Jesus found His strength in moments of aloneness with His Father. And now Jesus invites us into moments of silence to do the same. It’s where He speaks to us. It’s where we learn to hear His voice.

Personal Prayer Focus:

As we come before the Father in prayer today consider taking a minute to sit in silence before Him.  Allow Him to speak to your heart, reminding you of His love, or revealing a hidden wrong.  Consider adding this discipline to your daily prayer time as we continue through our 21 days of prayer together!

West Ridge Church Prayer Focus:

Today let’s pray over the kids of our Kid’s Ministry, the amazing Kid’s Ministry Team that serves week in and week out, and our Kids Ministry Staff (Senga Veale, Brent Moxey, Hayden Hammon, Kellie Jimenez, Dawn Schafer) as they minister alongside parents to lead our kids as young and devoted followers of Jesus!