21 Days Of Prayer | Day 6 - West Ridge Church

Prayer Guide: Day 6

“For through Him we … have access in one Spirit to the Father.” —Ephesians 2:18

Throughout history even ancient cultures had temples. This is because human beings have always instinctively known that there was a gap between us and the divine. Temples were places where an effort was made to bridge that gap. Sacrifices and offerings were made and rituals were observed all in an effort to bring their god close. Yet no religion has ever claimed that this gap could be actually be completely closed.

However, when Jesus “moved into the neighborhood” He did what other gods could not do: He closed that gap; giving His life so that we can know God as a friend! Jesus became the bridge over the gap between God and us. What’s even better, His embrace of us does not strengthen or weaken depending on how clean or unclean, how attractive or revolting, how faithful or how fickle we presently are. For those who are in Christ Jesus the great chasm between the Father and us has been closed. For this reason our Father will always enjoy our presence rather than refuse us whenever we draw near.

Personal Prayer Focus:

Is there someone you know who is far from God?  God’s heart is to draw people to Him. It’s not something we can make happen in our own efforts, so we need to be faithfully praying that the Father would draw those He’s placed on our hearts to Jesus.  Write their name in the margin of your mind and pray for them throughout the day today.

West Ridge Church Prayer Focus:

Pray for our Global Outreach Ministry and staff (Ruth Wittenbrook and Lisa Downer) as well as our Global Outreach Team and Global Partners as they seek to lead teams to share the love of Christ around the globe.