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For 9 years, our students have had the chance to minister to people in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 80% of the country lives on less than $2/day, and COVID-19 has caused many families to be without any means of income. Not only that, but the need for the Gospel is huge!


Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone our February Missions Trip to Nicaragua because of the current COVID pandemic and the changes to the CDC Guidelines. We have planned a makeup trip for July 2021.

How Can We Help?

The good news is there are still things we can do to serve the people of Nicaragua in February and show God’s love to them. Our team is still working with our partners in Nicaragua to accomplish the following:

• Funding 2 new housing projects and 2 new latrines for desperate families.

• Filming videos of student testimonies, VBS Bible Stories, etc to show the kids and families in the villages.

• Purchasing a projector to allow these videos to be played for families. This projector will be used for ministry in other villages throughout the country.

• Provide new flip flops and crafts for the kids in the villages.



Make a Difference Through Donations:

There are also other needs that our team has become aware of that are beyond our current budget. Our High School students have given over $3,000 to our Nicaragua offering this year to be used towards some of these needs. These needs include:

• Providing a warm meal to people in the villages of The Flags and Rene Nunez ($425 per village)

• 50 kids in these villages can’t afford to go to school. Education helps break the cycle of poverty. $100 can provide a child the uniform, school supplies, and resources needed to go to school for a year. ($5,000 to send every kid to school)

• 6 families in these villages have been approved for a new home. They are just waiting on someone to provide the funds for their home to be built. Many families in these villages live in homes built with sticks, plastic bags, and pieces of metal. A new 10’x10’ home made of concrete and steel framing costs $2,000 and can literally change a family’s life. ($12,000 total)

You can give to help our team meet some of these needs and make a difference in the lives of people in Nicaragua!
To give, click the link below. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the donations will go towards these projects.

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