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I Need A Care Package:

We all need a hand sometimes and West Ridge Church is here to help! During these uncertain times, our goal is to make sure that no one goes hungry. If you are in need of assistance in the form of a care package consisting of non-perishable food items, please complete the request form and we’ll deliver a bag to your doorstep.


Request A Care Package


FAQS: I Need Help

Q. How will I receive my care package? Is there a charge for the food and delivery?

A care package will be dropped off on your doorstep within one week of your request.  There is no cost at all to you.  All food items are donated by those affiliated with West Ridge Church, and there are no charges for delivery. We are a church that values generosity.

Q. What types of items are included in a care package?

The contents of each care package will be different but will include variations of the items listed below. Items are not guaranteed and may be substituted based on availability. No substitutions or special requests at this time, please. If you have a medically restricted diet, there is a space to indicate so on the registration form.

  • Spaghettios and ravioli
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned meats and soup
  • Boxed macaroni and cheese
  • Cookies and chips
  • Fruit cups
  • Pudding cups
  • Rice and noodles
Q. Do I have to be a member of West Ridge to receive a care package?

Absolutely not.  We value you regardless of your church affiliation or religious beliefs.

Q. When will I receive my care package delivery?

Your care package will be delivered to your doorstep between 3-5pm on Tuesday or Thursday within 1 week of your request.

Q. How often can I receive a care package?

So that all who need a care package can receive one, we ask that these requests be limited to one household per week.

Q. Does West Ridge Cares provide items for parents with babies/toddlers?

Yes.  When you register, if you need supplies to care for a baby/toddler, you can indicate what supplies you need such as diapers (indicate size), wipes, and baby food.  While we cannot guarantee that these items will be available, we will make every attempt to meet your needs.

Q. Do these care packages include bathroom items like toilet paper, soap and other household items like cleaning supplies?

No, during a time when so many people have lost their incomes, our efforts during the COVID-19 crisis are focused on nutritional needs.

Q. How close to West Ridge do I need to live to qualify to receive a care package?

Since West Ridge is located in Paulding County, anyone who lives in Paulding County is eligible for delivery.  We will also serve areas in the north and western parts of Cobb County as well as small parts of Douglas and Carroll counties.  If you live outside of our service area and we are unable to deliver to you, we will let you know.

Q. During this COVID-19 crisis, I am limiting contact with those outside of my home. How can I receive a care package with no personal contact?

Our drivers have been instructed to leave your care package at your doorstep.  They will not knock, ring your doorbell, or attempt to interact with you. Your package will be delivered on your doorstep between 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday within one week of your request. During this unprecedented time, we want to ensure that no person — you or our delivery person — is at increased risk for contracting COVID-19.  In-person contact is to be avoided.