Jesus: His Return - West Ridge Church

The Question:  “Jesus, what will be the sign of Your coming?”  They asked it then. We ask it now.   And His answer is still the same. First a warning. “Be Alert!  Don’t be deceived!”  He then speaks of deceivers, deceptions, disasters, persecutions, the church, the culture, the nations – and birth pains.  He won’t tell us the day, nor the hour.  He tells us to watch for labor pains.

Jesus warns:   “These are My Words to you, that all things written about Me in the Law of Moses (Gen-Deut.), the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.  Using our Bibles we’ll examine His Words in view of the fulfillment of His Return.

Jesus Speaks:  “Be on your guard, I’ve told you everything in advance.”

This group is for women of all ages.

Leader: Judy Rocker