Systematic Theology - West Ridge Church


Systematic theology means answering the question: “What does the whole Bible say to us today about any given topic?” It means searching the Bible to find all the verses pertaining to a given topic of study. Then, we put all the verses together to understand what God wants us to believe. “Systematic” means “carefully organized by topics.” Join us as we study what God says and what the Bible says regarding the different topics we will study; Salvation, Sin, Mankind…etc.

Leader: Susie Bailey

My name is Susie Bailey and I have been marreid to my husband, Eric (who also teaches Men’s Theology) for 16+ years and we have two chidren together. While in the throws of Middle School with both our children, my husband and I love watching our son play basketball and hearing our daughter sing. In any spare time I have, I love to read and cook!