Unshakeable Trust -Swim - West Ridge Church

Unshakeable Trust

With each new chapter, Joyce unveils a sovereign and trustworthy God who longs to be in a relationship with his people, and inspires you to tear down the walls of self-reliance. This book will both equip and encourage, as you learn how to “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Regardless of your past pain, your present circumstances, or your future uncertainty, when you learn to trust God each day, you’ll experience the joy-filled life Jesus came to give you. Others may have let you down . . . but God never will!
There are no age restrictions. However, we will not provide childcare.

Leader: Celia Swim

I have been at Westridge since 2015. That is also the same year I lost a daughter. I’m a mother of 3 grandmother of 9.  I’m a single person.  I love working with animals and doing crafts.
This will be the third group I have led, and I am super excited about this book.