Biblical Theology – WG: Bailey - West Ridge Church

Biblical Theology

What is Biblical Theology: A Way of understanding the Bible that recognizes that even though the Bible is made up of various kinds of literature and written over centuries by over 40 human authors – it is really telling one cohesive story about what God is doing in the world through Christ.

We will journey through Scripture as we study the Bible through multiple themes that run from Genesis to Revelation. Some of the themes we will cover will be Kingdom, Covenant, and Tabernacle. These serve to communicate a coherent message about the person and work of Christ.

Leader: Susie Bailey

My name is Susie. I am married to Eric (who teaches men’s theology), and we have two kids that are 15 and 13. We have been at WRC for seven years now and are extremely passionate about Bible literacy. For fun – I love movies, reading and coffee!