Arise: a study on the book of Nehemiah - West Ridge Church
Title: Arise: a study on the book of Nehemiah

Our group is made up of people in many different seasons of life. We have young and old, new moms and seasoned moms. We like to have fellowship before or after diving into the study for the week.


Leader: Katie Johnson

I’m a wife and mother to 4 amazing daughters whose ages are 6,4,2 & 2 months old. I have been attending West Ridge since 2015 and have been a part of a group or a leader of a group for the past 6 years. I’ve led and/or co-led in many different areas in those 6 years. From women’s to Married groups to youth groups. I enjoy getting to know others and their stories, which is one of many reasons I enjoy my job as a Host and Childcare coordinator at West Ridge. As well as leading groups!