40 Days of Prayer - Day 21 - West Ridge Church

Friday, March 29th, Day 21

Author: Matt Vanderbuilt

Church: Vision Church

What would today be like if we knew without any doubt that God would provide? Imagine what kind of freedom that would offer many of us. Pause a minute and live with that reality.

What would your posture be like? What would your words be like? What would you take time to enjoy today? Jesus knew that this was something that we would struggle with daily. He painted a beautiful picture for us in the gospels of how he feeds the birds every day—even though they have no barns to their store food. Although he cares for the birds…he clarifies how much the Father loves us more! One of God’s names, his character, is Jehovah Jireh, meaning God our Provider. Since God cannot lie then he must obey his nature—which is to provide. He ultimately demonstrated that by sending Jesus to the cross to pay for our sins and our way into heaven with him for eternity.

God demonstrated his provision during his leading of the people of Israel through the wilderness. The wilderness, or barren land, produced no crops or food for them. When the people cried out to him because of their fear of starvation, God moved heaven and earth to provide! He had manna sent from “heaven’s storehouse” daily as well as he called quail (birds) from the earth. This happened daily! Because God did not want his children to forget that he was the provider, he did not allow the manna or quail to be stored away for the next day—in fact, it rotted after the 24 hours. Once the Israelites were at a place where they could eat the produce from the soil outside of Jericho, the same day, the manna stopped. God always provides—exactly what we need and when we need it. In fact, he will move heaven and earth to prove his name true!

References: Matthew 6:26-34; Exodus 16; Joshua 5:11-12


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