40 Days of Prayer - Day 18 - West Ridge Church
 Tuesday, March 26th, Day 18

Author: Terence Lester Church: Love Beyond Walls

Prayer is a lifeline and where all your source of strength should come from. It connects us with the source of all power, strength, and counsel—our God.

Think about it, if motors power automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and trains then how much more should our prayer life empower us—no matter what we are facing?

We must learn to STOP turning our prayer lives on and off!

We should live a life of prayer and pray about every single thing—because it’s our lifeline as believers!

The great thing about prayer is that it doesn’t have a timeframe, criteria to follow, or a long list of rules to follow in order to access our Father in Heaven. All we need is a willing and open heart.

In fact, you can pray through anything, for anything, and the Bible promises that not only does God hear our prayers but the “peace of God should guard our hearts and minds in Christ (Philippians 4:6-7).”

Today, no matter what you are thinking through, walking through, or leading through, just remember you are one prayer away from receiving the STRENGTH needed for any weakness. —Terence Lester, Love Beyond Walls


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