40 Days of Prayer - Day 12 - West Ridge Church

Tuesday, March 19th
Author: Tim Milner
Church: Essential Church Huntsville

I was about 10 years old. A huge storm was coming in. We were on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I saw the waves rising and beginning to flood the beach. Then the pool area. But, I felt safe. I felt safe because I was way up high on the 10th floor or so. No flood would have been too dangerous for us.

Do you know what Biblical story is right before the tower of Babel? The flood.

Yes, this is speculation, but think with me for a sec. The world was flooded because of wickedness. God spared Noah’s’ and his family. Time goes on. Wickedness begins to increase again. Certainly, they had heard the flood stories.

And they decide to build a tower.

Any coincidence they decided to build a tall tower? If I were trying to escape a flood, I think that’s exactly what I would do too.

And yet, God had PROMISED there would never be another flood to wipe out mankind.

What are you straining for that God has already promised will never happen? What are you straining against that God has already promised will happen?

There are areas of our lives where we could find peace, joy, even enjoyment, if we learned to just trust God’s promises. I’ve built a lot of useless towers in my days. They are exhausting.

Today, let’s pause long enough to ask, “Where am I straining where God has already said that will or will not happen?”



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