40 Days of Prayer - Day 10 - West Ridge Church

Saturday, March 16th
Author: Dale Levan
Church: Fellowship Church


Galatians 5:7-8

On January 22 of 2016, runners began Elkmont, Alabama’s first half-marathon. At about the same time, April Hamlin let her hound dog, Ludivine, out of the house. He wandered out of the yard and began running the half-marathon with the runners. Ludivine came in sixth place. Volunteers draped a medal around his neck. Others said that he had stopped to investigate a dead rabbit, another dog, and some cows and mules in a field. If he had not been distracted, he possible could have come in first place!

We, as followers of Christ, are running THE race from the cross to heaven. This race is living for Christ in faithfulness as we show and share Him with spectators who are watching the race. Too many times we get distracted with things that impede our progress. Some of these things can be bad things such as unconfessed and unforsaken sins. At other times these distractions can be good things but not the best things. Evaluate your life today, and you will possibly see the busy, hectic pace you are running is not pointed to the goal that God has set for you, but you may be chasing self-fulfillment, self-advancement, or material wealth. Today, keep your eyes on the goal and the calling of Christ. It is only then that we can receive the prize and reward from the Father.



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